Grant Period Goals


  1. First draft of a comprehensive review on theoretical predictions of possible observations, and of current experimental constraints for each cosmic messenger (objectives 1, 4)
  2. A comparison of different methods of analyses and the theoretical hypotheses behind them, collect possible sources for data analysis and consider the future prospects of experiments (challenge; objectives 2, 10).
  3. Development of web page, a logo and social networks (Twitter, Telegram) (objectives 12, 13).
  4. To identify and gather a pool of experts from which input is required in multi-messenger phenomenology, such as the astrophysics of possible multi-messenger sources and atmospheric physics (objective 8).
  5. First version of a publicly available database with results of existing searches for quantum gravity signatures for each cosmic messenger (objectives 1, 3).
  6. To reach out to the local general public by giving public lectures to the laymen at the foreseen meeting venues (objectives 12, 13).
  7. To develop specific activities and strategies to enhance the involvement of researchers in their early career and/or from an underrepresented country or gender (objective 13).