COST CA18108 Review paper on Quantum Gravity Phenomenology published in Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics

The review paper “Quantum gravity phenomenology at the dawn of the multi-messenger era—A review”, prepared within the COST Action CA18108, has been published in

Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics
Volume 125, July 2022, 103948

The final version of the article with full bibliographic details is now available online at:

The article is being published open access, so that access to the full article is not restricted in any way.

COST CA18108 2nd Training School in Belgrade (Serbia), 3-10 September 2022

Our 2nd Training School will take place in Belgrade, Serbia, from the 3rd (starting in the afternoon) to the 10th September 2022. Registration is open at the website of the School:
where you can find additional information about the organization of the school.
We encourage the participation of PhD students and young postdocs with either theoretical or experimental background, since one of the objectives of the Action is the training of young researchers in theoretical models and experimental techniques in order to build a new scientific profile that will combine the relevant skills and a transversal background in the fields of astrophysics and quantum gravity.

COST CA18108 Workshop on future challenges and opportunities in QGMM in Naples (Italy), 11-12 July 2022

The Workshop on future challenges and opportunities in QGMM organised by our COST Action will take place in Naples (Italy), from 11th to 12th July 2022. Registration will open soon, keep up to date on the event webpage.

COST CA18108 First Training School in Corfu (Greece), 27 September-5 October 2021

The first Training School of our COST Action will take place in Corfu (Greece), from 27thSeptember to 5th October (arrival day: 26th Sep; departure day: 6th Oct) 2021. The event will take place at the Corfu Summer Institute.

LHAASO discussion session organized by COST Action CA18108 on 17th June

Event: LHAASO discussion session
Date: 17th June 2021, from 9 to 13 h (CET time)


Discussion session organized by the COST Action CA18108 “Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach” ( the revolutionary detection of 12 PeVatrons (sources of very high energy gamma-rays) that the LHAASO collaboration has recently announced (Zhen Cao, F.A. Aharonian et al., Ultrahigh-Energy Photons up to 1.4 Petaelectronvolts from 12 γ-Ray Galactic Sources, Nature 594, 7861 (2021)) and its impact, especially with respect to LIV searches (see e.g., C. Li and B.-Q. Ma, Ultrahigh-Energy Photons from LHAASO as Probes of Lorentz Symmetry Violations, arXiv:2105.07967), which is one of the key topics of research within our Action. 

– 9:00 CET: Felix Aharonian: PeVatrons, theory
– 9:45 CET: Zhen Cao: LHAASO experiment results
– 10:30 CET: Bo-Qiang Ma: LIV with LHAASO
– 11:15 CET: Free discussion

In order to receive the link to this event, please register before 16th June, 14h CET time at the following indico page:

(Action participants who have already received the link do not need to register, but accept the invitation sent from e-COST)

CA18108 Action participants receive prize in the Gravity Research Foundation essay competition

We are proud to announce that the essay “Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the Infrared”, (arXiv:2104.00802 [gr-qc]), which contributes to our COST CA18108 Action, has won the second prize in the Gravity Research Foundation essay competition.

Congratulations to the authors! From left to right in the photograph: Laurent Freidel (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, Canada), Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman (University of Wroclaw, Poland), Robert G. Leigh (University of Illinois, USA), and Djordje Minic (Virginia Tech, USA).

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