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Standard Acknowledgement for Action Publications

  • For works at least partially inspired by exchanges fostered by the Action or benefiting from the coordination provided by the Action, regardless of the number or the status of authors, use the following text:
    The author(s) would like to acknowledge the contribution of the COST Action CA18108.
  • For works co-authored by at least two WG/MC members from at least two different countries participating to the Action:
    The author(s) would like to acknowledge networking support by the COST Action CA18108.
  • For outputs of Short-Term Scientific Missions:
    This work was supported by a STSM Grant from COST Action CA18108.

The most important thing is that the code ‘CA18108’ appears in the acknowledgement, since we will get the list of publications by searching with that code. If you want to give more publicity to the Action, you can also include the full name “Quantum gravity phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach”.

Link to shared drive

To request access to the shared drive please send a message to the Action Chair or one of the WG representatives.

In the shared drive you can find the Action Logo files, the Memorandum of Understanding and other relevant Action documents.


Slides of presentations given in past meetings

These can be found at the links provided for each meeting in the Action Events page.

Link to indico for setting-up conference pages related to the Action