COST CA18108 3rd Training School in Pałac Wojanów (Poland), 12-21 February 2023

Our 3rd Training School will be organized by the Institute of Theoretical Physics of the University of Wroclaw at Pałac Wojanów, situated in the neighborhood of Jelenia Góra (Poland), from the 12th to the 21st February 2023. Registration is open at the website of the School:
where you can find additional information about the organization of the school.
We encourage the participation of PhD students and young postdocs with either theoretical or experimental background, since one of the objectives of the Action is the training of young researchers in theoretical models and experimental techniques in order to build a new scientific profile that will combine the relevant skills and a transversal background in the fields of astrophysics and quantum gravity.

IceCube probes for quantum gravity using astrophysical neutrino flavors

The IceCube Collaboration, which includes members from our COST Action CA18108, has presented the results of its search for the effect of quantum gravity on the flavors of astrophysical neutrinos. Although no evidence was found for quantum gravity effects, the result presented is the first to reach the expected signal region of quantum gravity using neutrino flavor interferometry. This study was published today as a letter in the journal Nature Physics.

Link to the news on IceCube website

Link to the paper in Nature Physics

Illustration showing space-time defects affecting neutrino propagation in space

COST success story article on CA18108 – QG-MM

COST has selected our Action as a case of “success story” that has been published on their website and social media: